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Introduction to Cubic residue diffusers

In a former article we described some 2D-Schröder-diffusers using residue calculation based on QR-Diffusers. See 2D-Diffusers. These diffusers always appear very symmetrical. To get a more statistical sound scattering, a combination of both methods for X and Y is used. For all of the 121 positions, 21 different values for the height are used.

2D-OMDI-Diffusor - Example 1

optimized onmi 2D acoustic diffusers using complex equations 


optimized onmi 2D acoustic diffusers using complex equations


Design Reuse

 You are free to use these designs when building your own diffusors.


Conclusion and Summary

 Optimized QRD designs can be achieved by superimposing quad and cubic operation.


 You may also want to have a look at the article Studio Design  



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